Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Energy Efficient Tips

Right now is a perfect time to save on energy! The heat is off and the AC hasn't been turned on yet.

It's also a great time to start preparing for the summer - keeping your energy bills low by conserving energy.

Here are IDT Energy's top 5 energy efficiency tips to get ready for the summer:
  1. Change the filters once a month.  Don't make your A/C work harder than it has to. Pushing air through a dirty filter takes more energy; plus, who doesn't want clean air!
  2. Install a programmable thermostat.  You have heard this one time and time again. So why are you waiting? Your couch and favorite lazy chair don't need to stay cool while you are busy at work. And who has time to remember to adjust the temp when you are running out of the house barely remembering to put shoes on! Set the thermostat to automatically adjust.
  3. Clean the condensation lines.  Keeping this clean of sludge and debris is important to maintain the efficiency of the AC unit.
  4. Check that the condenser (unit outside) is level.  If the cement pad that the condenser sits on outside is not level the machine has to work harder.  That means you have to work harder to pay those energy bills!
  5. Clean the condenser.  While you are outside making sure that the condenser is level, make sure it's free of any debris. Debris blocks air flow, making the unit work harder.
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

IDT Energy Introduces SmartBudget

Over the past few months IDT Energy gave back close to $4 million dollars to customers faced with the Polar Vortex price spikes. In addition, we are introducing a new program to help better protect consumers from energy market volatility. The IDT Energy® SmartBudget promotion will lock your electricity supply rate for the next twelve months with no termination fees. This is especially important for utility customers in PA who will see significant rate increases on June 1 for electricity supplied by their utility.

For more information see the article in Yahoo! Finance and stay tuned to this blog and IDT Energy's Facebook!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DOE Helps Consumers Design Home Energy Savings Plan

The US Department of Energy encourages citizens to save money on their energy bill, and helps people to do just that.  Using the motto, “Save money, live better, help the earth!” the DOE has set up a website to point out tips, give advice, and help consumers create a custom-made energy-saving plan.

Visitors to the web site enter their zip code and then become a personal energy-use analysis. Users pick whether they are doing a hypothetical analysis, inspection of actual house, energy audit of actual house or designing a brand new home. Then the user’s home address, year the home was built, and number of people living in the home is entered. Energy prices are already added if an address was given.

The next page asks about building design, including how many stories, amount of heated or cooled floor area, type of foundation, floor insulation, attic or ceiling type, and other information. Window area and type are also questioned. There is a form to discuss appliances and equipment, including water heater, refrigerators, cooling and heating equipment, and more.

Another page allows users to calculate current yearly energy costs and compare to the cost of energy after upgrades are implemented. There is also a place to have all the upgrade recommendations summarized. For anyone interested in saving money on their home energy bills, this website from the DOE is highly useful.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Enjoy Learning About Energy with Your Kids this Spring

Here are a few great ideas to get your kids interested in energy issues and to learn something, too.
Potato Battery Time
• Did you know that you can create “lightning” on a small scale with simple materials that you have right at home? All you need is a balloon, a piece of wool fabric, like a sweater, and a darkened room. Just blow up the balloon, rub it about 10 times on the sweater to give the balloon a ‘charge’ and then discharge the balloon by placing it near something metal, like a door knob. You will see a spark of electricity jump from the balloon to the metal. Cool!

• Some older folks among us may remember making a battery from an uncooked potato. It’s a really awesome project sure to mesmerize your kids. For detailed instructions on how to get two potatoes to run a clock that usually uses batteries, go to this site: 

• Now that spring is here and the summer sun is on its way, consider making a solar cooker. You can follow the directions here: and learn about alternative sources of energy while having a great time with your kids.

IDT Energy wishes our readers a great summer of learning about energy issues and having fun while doing it.