Thursday, March 28, 2013

DOE Energy Saving Tips

Via Energy Star

The Department of Energy recently provided nine energy saving tips on refrigerator use. In its Cebu City seminar entitled ‘Electricity Conservation in Schools and Households,’ the DOE gave its presentation. Led by engineer Jan Ramos, the Department’s science research specialist II, it was felt that this was important since refrigerator use is one of the most cumbersome energy consumers in the household.  Accounting for up to a fifth of total energy use. Thus, by finding easy ways on how to reduce it, IDT Energy customers could be making staggering reductions in their bills.

Here are the ideas he promoted:

1. Look for a refrigerator with the highest Energy Efficiency Factor (EEF)
2. Close the refrigerator door as quickly as possible
3. Regularly defrost the refrigerator
4. Ensure the food that goes into the refrigerator has been cooled to room temperature
5. Be sure liquids are covered well – spills cause the motor to work harder than necessary
6. Set up the refrigerator as far away from the stove as possible so the heat does not impact it
7. Do not overcrowd the refrigerator
8. Check for leaking gaskets in the refrigerator on a regular basis
9. Regularly clean the refrigerator’s compressor units and condensers.

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