Monday, September 20, 2010

Energy Changes for New Yorkers as of October 2010

Whether you use IDT Energy, Con Edison or another NY energy delivery company, you’ll want to know about these upcoming changes. There will be a new reactive power charge starting in October 2010. Customers who have a monthly demand higher than 1000 kW and power factor lower than 95% will see a reactive power charge on their bills.

One year from now, in October of 2011, this charge will also apply to customers with monthly demands higher than 500 kW. People who correct power factor by installing capacitors will have this charge eliminated.

Certainly, you should ask your power company, such as IDT Energy, about these upcoming charges and get yourself more educated about your energy needs and usages.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

IDT Energy Looks at What's New at the DOE

The Department of Energy is getting into high gear with some of the programs which are helping to develop electric cars and more advanced batteries with which to run them. The DOE hosted what was called a “Plug-In Vehicle and Infrastructure Workshop” which was attended by almost 200 interested parties and another 600 who participated on-line. The main topic of the workshop was how to speed-up the introduction of electric-drive vehicles into the marketplace. The program showed in what ways federal leadership can quicken preparation for vehicles which are hopefully going to be in car showrooms by the end of this year. The Obama Administration has dedicated almost $5 billion in loans and grants to motivate innovation, creativity, manufacturing and finally the deployment of these electric-drive vehicles.