Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vacation Energy Saving Tips

Hitting the road this Labor Day? Here are some ways to save on your energy bill while you are away.

  1. Unplug all electronics not in use like your TV and coffee maker. Avoid paying for phantom electricity.
  2. Turn your hot water heater to 'vacation mode.' 
  3. Turn off your Air Conditioning or set it at 85 degrees.
  4. Power down all computers.
  5. Refrigerators use less electricity when they are full - fill them with water jugs. 
  6. Adjust the thermometer to a slightly warmer setting. 
  7. Close all of your blinds to keep the cool air in and the warm air out.
  8. Install timers for your security lights and turn off everything else. 
  9. Don't for get to read the meter when you leave and when you get home! See the energy you saved and detect if you have any hidden energy wasters.
Have fun on vacation!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Is it time for your company to stop cutting costs?

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For many US businesses, one story has played out repeatedly over the past several years: lower revenue and higher earnings. Investors may cheer the short-term results, but it's unsustainable over the long run. Eventually, the cost-cutting must end, and value must be created.

For any business owner, the opportunity to cut costs is a constant obsession, and the slow economic recovery we've been dealing with just makes cost-cutting an increasingly urgent concern. While cutting any unnecessary cost is good for a business, long term, sustainable value creation depends on constantly renewing and demonstrating a business's value to existing and potential customers.

Managers must evolve their business plans to meet customers’ changing needs. Every business, if it wants to grow, needs to identify how customers’ behaviors change and how this creates new markets—large and niche—that are as yet untapped. This goes for companies large and small.

Are you missing new opportunities?

It is crucial for businesses to understand how they can leverage their customer’s additional needs to produce new revenue streams. This can be done in many ways. It may mean offering more services, tailoring existing services to further serve customers' needs, or adjusting pricing tiers in a way that makes the product or service better for customers while augmenting the business’ earnings potential.

At the Argyle Executive Forum in 2009, I discussed the need for companies to leverage existing capital to create new business opportunities. These priorities are even more pressing today. Instead of cutting costs to boost earnings, businesses should evaluate untapped markets by bringing a fresh perspective to their existing business models.

Bringing the product to market

You and your business need to completely understand its entire supply chain, from production to delivery to service, before embarking on an initiative. This is why it is so important to leverage and build on existing business practices. Market experience can guide you, and make it possible to address the market with your new product or service quickly without sacrificing quality or introducing unnecessary friction into the process.

Some friction will arise—it always does. Fortunately, a disciplined focus based upon institutional experience can minimize risk and keep you ahead of potential problems. When you leverage your existing business model, you can apply the lessons you've learned in the past to your new venture. If it's entirely uncharted territory, try to learn from the mistakes and successes of the most relevant businesses. That is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to avoid foreseeable mistakes and turn those lessons learned into success.

Identifying core competencies to drive product or service conceptualization is the first step. The next step is identifying potential challenges in the design, production, and distribution stages in advance of constructing the business model and go to market plan.

The new economic environment has made margins thinner, competition stronger, and profitability more difficult—but by leveraging your existing intellectual capital, you can identify new opportunities, create value, and bring new products to new niche markets faster and more successfully.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Energy Saving Tips - Beat the Humidity

In many areas of the Northeast the humidity has been bad this summer.   Often people use their air conditioning more to remove the dense moisture from the air and cool the temperature in the house.  Here are some energy saving tips to cut down on your summer electric bill.

  • Make sure your clothes dryer vents to the outdoors.
  • Avoid line drying your clothes indoors to prevent more moisture being absorbed into the air. 
  • Cover pots when cooking.
  • If you have a crawl space under your house, make sure the ground is covered with a moisture barrier.
  • Use an exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom.
  • If you do not have an exhaust far,  use a window fan on the exhaust setting.
  • Improve the drainage around your house - have your gutters move the water away from the foundation of your home.
  • Repair any leaking faucets (and save on your water bill too!)
Stay cool and keep your bills slow with these energy saving tips and choosing IDT Energy as your energy supplier

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: Electric Insulators Re purposed

Glass insulators used to be vital to the transmission of electricity along the power lines.  Modern materials make them no longer useful for their intended purpose, but some pretty inventive people have found new ways to use them. Check these out:


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Lemontricity - Electricity by Lemons

Did you know that even a lemon can generate electricity? Lemontricity! So next time your electricity is out, look towards your fruits and vegetable - like a potato!

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Lemons are an acidic fruit. It can dissolve metals and make ions, which in turn add (or give off) electrons. Lemons act as the facilitator for copper and zinc to create electricity. Zine becomes negative as it dissolves inside the lemon to make ions while copper becomes positive. The copper then collects the positive, hydrogen ions. These are all key factors in how electricity is generated.

Here are the steps to make your own Lemon Power:


  • Copper wire (18 gauge) 
  • Wire clippers
  • 2-inch strip of zinc/lemon (or metal paper clip straightened)
  • Course sand paper
  • Lemon(s)
  • LED light bulb
  1. Use a 2 inch strip of copper wire and strip the insulation off
  2. Smooth any rough spots on the ends of both pieces of wire with the sand paper
  3. Roll the lemon on a table as to loosen the insides without breaking the skin of the lemon
  4. Push the copper and zinc into the lemon as close as you can without them touching
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each lemon
  6. Connect the lemons together positive to negative (zinc to copper) with the copper wire.
  7. Connect the LED light bulb to the two electrodes with copper wire.
  8. Connect the wire that sticks out of the light bulb on the flat side to the zinc from the lemons.
  9. Connect the wire that sticks out of the light bulb on the round side to the copper from the lemons.
The more lemons you connect the stronger current the lemons will produce. But note: Lemons are not the next alternative energy. You won't save money on your electric bill by using lemons - they don't produce much!

    Thursday, August 01, 2013

    IDT Energy l Free Dryer Protection

    IDT Energy is continuously looking for ways to provide more value to their customers. One of these ways is to provide a 6 month home warranty on a dryer of IDT Energy customers? Not yet a customer? Sign-up at . Then head over to the IDT Energy Facebook page, click on the Free Dryer Warranty tab and sign up for YOUR free dryer warranty.

    Not only will you receive a free dryer warranty, but IDT Energy offers some sweet rebates and savings on your electricity supply.  Check out more about what we can offer you here.

    If you like the idea of the dryer warranty, but would like to protect more of your appliances and home, IDT Energy customers receive 10% off all other plans through our home warranty provider: Complete Appliance Protection.

    *Currently only avalible in New Jersey, Pennslyvania, Maryland, and Illinois