Monday, July 29, 2013

IDT Energy Hits the Radio

If you are in the Philadelphia area you may hear one of the newest IDT Energy radio commercials.

More than a million of your neighbors in the Northeast have already enrolled with IDT Energy, one of the largest energy suppliers in the US. 

IDT Energy shops the wholesale energy market in an effort to help reduce annual energy expenses.

They offer competitive rates with no contracts, no deposits and no cancellation fees.

IDT Energy is on track to put $5 million dollars back in customer’s hands  in the form of special rebates by the end of this year.

Put an IDT Energy expert to work for you!

New customers will be eligible to receive a rebate for their first month of IDT Energy electric supply up to $50 dollars, paid during their fourth monthly billing cycle.

As a bonus, the first 100 people to take advantage of this offer today receive a free 8-pack of energy efficient CFL light bulbs by mail within 30 days of account activation. 

Take advantage of this offer on

Friday, July 26, 2013

Beat the Heat Contest

IDT Energy, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois
IDT Energy #BeattheHeat
July was HOT. Some of the hottest temperatures areas like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland have seen. If you had an air conditioner - it was more than likely running, and working had at keeping you comfortable.

Unfortunately with increased demand your July bill will most likely be higher than the other months. IDT Energy wants to help.  That's why we are running a contest on the IDT Energy Facebook page to help you Beat the Heat.

Enter to win one of 2 $50 gift cards. Use the money to buy new floaties for the pool, buy another fan, or help pay your electric bill.  All you have to do is head on over to the IDT Energy Facebook page, like us, click on the "Beat the Heat" contest tab and enter your email address. Want more chances to win? Share with your friends and every friend that enters after you will earn you an extra entrance and chance to win $$$.

Who doesn't like to win money!?

Contest runs through Monday, June 29th 12:30PM.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Retail Energy Supply Association Welcomes New Member IDT Energy

Company Joins RESA’s Efforts to Promote Retail Markets That Benefit Consumers
The Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA), the nation’s leading organization representing competitive energy suppliers dedicated to creating and sustaining vibrantly competitive electricity and natural gas markets for the benefit of consumers, welcomes IDT Energy as a member.

“RESA member companies are dedicated to providing value to natural gas and electric customers in competitive markets across the United States. We are pleased to welcome IDT Energy to our group of innovative and forward-thinking energy suppliers,” said RESA President Melissa Lauderdale.

“IDT Energy is pleased to join RESA and its efforts to bring the benefits of competition to consumers who are still held captive by their local utility monopoly,” said IDT Energy’s CEO, Geoff Rochwarger. “In America, consumers should have the freedom to choose their energy supplier. Competitive markets bring more choice, lower rates, and innovation that puts the customer first.”

Founded in 2004, IDT Energy began supplying electric and natural gas to residential and small business customers in New York State. Today, IDT Energy is one of the largest independent retail energy suppliers in the United States, also offering traditional and green supply options to customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois. IDT Energy is a subsidiary of Genie Energy Ltd. (NYSE: GNE).  For more information, visit
# # #
About RESA
RESA represents competitive energy suppliers dedicated to creating and sustaining vibrantly competitive electricity and natural gas markets for the benefit of consumers.  RESA’s members include:  AEP Energy, Inc.; Champion Energy Services, LLC; ConEdison Solutions; Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.; Direct Energy Services, LLC; GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA, Inc.; Hess Corporation; Homefield Energy; IDT Energy, Inc.; Integrys Energy Services, Inc.; Just Energy; Liberty Power; MC Squared Energy Services, LLC; Mint Energy, LLC; NextEra Energy Services; Noble Americas Energy Solutions LLC; NRG, Inc.; PPL EnergyPlus, LLC; Stream Energy; TransCanada Power Marketing Ltd. and TriEagle Energy, L.P.  For more information about RESA please contact Tracy McCormick, Executive Director, at (717) 566-5405, or visit

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Energy from Beer?

We've covered some creative ways to generate energy - potatoes, foot stepsalgae and even garbage.  But how about from beer?

alternative energy supply, electric supply

One for me, one for the light bulb.  No don't cry, we aren't really suggesting you give up a nice cold brew just to power your light bulb!  But the waste product from beer is powering some beer factories.  Beer making beer.

A number of beer factories across the globe are utilizing the grain waste by-product to generate enough power to operate their factory from. While there are many variations on the actual process, by burning the excess grain, the boiler is able to create steam which in turn creates electricity.  They are using this technology in Alaska, Germany and even the Magic Hat factory in Vermont!

IDT Energy renewable energy is not from beer we do source credits from other renewable energy. If you are interested in green energy supply,  IDT Energy can help!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

IDT Energy Reviews Energy Pictures

Have you check out IDT Energy's Pinterest? We are energy geeks and love to look at pictures of energy in nature. Check out some of our favorites.

IDT Energy green wind supply
Wind Supply
(via IDT Energy Pinterst)
IDT Energy natural gas, IDT Energy Green
Frozen Gas Bubbles
(via IDT Energy Pinterest)
IDT Energy electric, IDT Energy natural gas
Storm Energy
(Via IDT Energy Pinterest)
IDT Energy Green wind supply
Wind Mill
(Via IDT Energy Pinterest)

Which picture is your favorite?

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Are you an Energy Hog?

Are you an energy hog? Take the IDT Energy test to find out!

1.  How much insulation do you have in your attic?
     a.  6 inches or less
     b.  7-11 inches
     c.  12 inches or more

2.  How often did you change the filters on your furnace last year?
     a.  Not at all
     b.  1-3 times
     b.  4+ times

3.  How many layers of glass do your windows have?
     a.  Single pane with no storm windows
     b.  Single pane with store windows or double pane
     c.  Double pane with reflective coating or gas-filled

4.  At what temperature do you set your thermostat in the winter when you are home and awake?
     a.  73 degrees or more
     b.  70-72 degrees or more
     c.  69 degrees or less

5.  At what temperature do you set your thermostat in the summer when you are home and awake?
     a.  74 degrees or less
     b.  75-77 degrees
     c.  78 degrees or more

6.  How often do you turn your lights off when you leave the room?
     a.  Almost never
     b.  Sometimes
     c.  Always

7.  Do you keep the lids on pots and pans when cooking?
     a.  Almost never
     b.  Sometimes
     c.  Always

8.  How many Energy Star appliances do you have?
     a.  None
     b.  1-2
     c.  3 or more

9.  At what temperature do you wash your clothes?
     a.  Mostly hot water
     b.  Mostly warm water
     c.  Mostly cold water

10.  How much time do you spend in the shower?
     a.  15 minutes or more
     b.  10 minutes
     c.  5 minutes

Now give your self:

  • 2 points for each A
  • 4 points for each B
  • 6 points for each C
Add up all of your points and see how you scored:

45 - 60 points - Awesome! You are officially NOT an energy hog! Keep on keeping on and enjoy your low energy bills.
31 - 44 points - You are making the right moves but there are more steps to kicking the energy hog habit.  Look back on those As and Bs and see where you can improve.
20 - 31 points - Oink! Oink! You are an energy hog! But don't worry there are many easy steps to take to reduce your energy consumption and SAVE on your energy bills.  Go through our quiz and pick out a few simple things you can change.  Plus check out the IDT Energy energy saving tips on our web site.

If you are simply looking for ways to cut your utility bills, IDT Energy is here to help!

The above quiz was adapted from the scavenger hunt on check it out for more helpful tips.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Electric Supply - From Generator to Light Bulb

In the past we have discussed generating energy from wind, sun, water and even garbage , green slime and potatoes. But how does that energy travel into your house and light up a room?
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Maryland
IDT Energy supply is delivered through utility power lines
It's something that could come up in a rowdy game of "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" but perhaps not something you have pondered on a daily basis as you flip the light switch and turn on the TV remote.  Energy is harnessed from things like moving water and burning fossil fuels; which turn turbines and unbalance the charges in an atom (simple, right?). But then it must travel, sometimes hundreds of miles in order to be ready for you to utilize that electricity.

Electricity is made when electrons move between atoms. Transmitting wires are made of conductive materials like copper and insulators (like glass or rubber).  Conductive materials allow the transfer of electrons, while insulating material does not allow the electrons to move around.

Electric current is created when electrons move through the conductor.  Electrons need a circuit to move though and cannot move freely through the air. So electricity can flow from the power plant, through the wire, and into your home.  That light switch that magically provides light - a simple switch on the circuit that blocks the electric current from flowing to the light bulb.

Of course this is a simplified version. There are lots of little steps in between - like deciding where your electric supply comes from and making sure a current is always available for you to flip the switch.  Having a company like IDT Energy, doesn't determine the reliability of your supply - but it sure does help the pocketbook when it comes time to pay the bill!