Thursday, May 20, 2010

Electric Choice As Explained by IDT Energy

Residence of Pennsylvania are some of the first in the country to have electric choice. What exactly does this mean? In 1996, Governor Tom Ridge signed a bill into law which game Pennsylvanians the right to select their own electricity supplier. It allows citizens to select the electric generation supplier, or EGS who will supply the home with electricity.

The electric company that you use now will continue to provide the transmission and distribution of your electric service. What the choice allows, however, is for you to select the company, such as IDT Energy, Citizens Electric Company and others who will supply the electricity. This choice means that you can shop around and compare electricity prices.

When shopping for an energy supplier such as IDT Energy, you can evaluate the services and prices they offer, the use of renewable energy sources, the budget-billing plans they can offer and more.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

IDT Energy Part of Genie Energy

As of August, 2009, IDT Corporation organized its energy supply and oil share interests together into a new division, called Genie Energy. With Wes Perry, an oil and gas entrepreneur as Genie’s Chairman of the Board, this sector is comprised of IDT Energy, American Shale Oil, LLC (AMSO), and Israel.

As Mr. Perry said, “Genie Energy is developing the technologies America and Israel want to make rapid progress toward energy independence, while IDT Energy is poised for continued growth in the consumer market.”

Geoffrey Rochwarger, who launched IDT Energy for IDT in 2004, will begin to serve as Genie Energy’s President and Chief Executive Officer.